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Do Dr. Hannaman and Dr. Hebert perform dental implants or root canals?

Dr. Hannaman and Dr. Hebert perform implants in our office or in conjunction with a periodontist or oral surgeon.  Our in-office implant placement involves up-to-date technology to allow CBCT (3-D) guided placement. This allows the doctors to know the exact depth, width, and angle of placement prior to the patient sitting in the chair. The doctors place the implant into the jaw bone and after a three to four month integration period, the doctor will then add an attachment (abutment) to the implant to build the crown, bridge or support for a denture or partial denture. In some cases, you can have a crown placed the same day.

Dr. Hebert and Dr. Hannaman refer out most root canal treatment to an endodontist. An endodontist is a dental specialist who completes two or more years of additional training following dental school. We provide emergency services to make you comfortable and refer to the endodontist if necessary.

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