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COVID-19 and Gum Disease: What You Need to Know

February 26, 2021
Posted By: Scott M. Hannaman, DDS
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New information about COVID-19 is emerging every day, and a recent study highlights the need for good oral hygiene and care. 

According to Dentistry Today, new research has revealed a possible link between COVID-19 complications and patients with gum disease. The study, which included more than 500 patients, found that COVID-19 patients who had gum disease were three and half times more likely to need intensive care, four and half times more likely to need a ventilator, and nearly nine times more likely to pass away due to complications than patients without gum disease.

With this new revelation, oral care becomes much more important. Fortunately for patients near Lake Charles, preventing gum disease is simple. 

Gum Disease Prevention

To help prevent gum disease, follow a good oral hygiene routine, brushing and flossing regularly. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, every day, and you should floss your teeth thoroughly at least once a day. 

Smoking is a risk factor for gum disease, so if you are a smoker, now is a good time to put away the cigarettes. Quitting smoking can be difficult, but you’ll enjoy better health as a non-smoker.

Preventive dentistry is also key. Regular visits to your dentist for exams and teeth cleanings are vital to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. 

If you are experiencing bleeding after brushing or flossing, gum sensitivity or pain, or redness and swelling in your gums, you may be developing gum disease. The first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis, and it is reversible with proper treatment and care. 

If you suspect you have gum disease, schedule a dental exam as soon as possible. Your dentist in Lake Charles will want to start treatment right away to safeguard your oral health. 

Schedule A Visit at Our Dentist Office in Lake Charles, LA

At the dental office of Dr. Edward J. Hebert, Dr. Gage E. Ritter, and Dr. Scott M. Hannaman, we can treat your gum disease. 

One of our experienced dentists will evaluate your teeth and gums and start you on a treatment plan. For the early stages of gum disease, treatment often includes a deep cleaning and a better at-home oral hygiene routine. However, your specific treatment plan will depend on your individual situation. 

To schedule an examination with one of our dentists in Lake Charles, call (337) 474-4892 today. We want to keep your teeth and gums healthy. As this study shows, your oral health affects the health of your entire body! 

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