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What to Expect After a Partial Denture?

September 29, 2021
Posted By: Edward J. Hebert, DDS and Scott M. Hannaman, DDS Staff
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If you have a few missing teeth, it can be challenging to enjoy a diverse diet. In addition, it can be embarrassing to smile freely. But missing teeth also impact your oral health.

With tooth loss, you may experience tooth wear due to migration—teeth moving along the gum and seeking convenient smile gaps. When teeth migrate and your bite is no longer aligned, you may also have an increase in cavities and even further tooth loss.

Your Partial Denture in Lake Charles, LA

If you’ve recently been fitted with a partial denture or you’re considering this prosthetic, you likely have questions or wonder what to expect with a partial denture.

A partial denture is a prosthetic that holds replacement teeth. It is custom-designed to fit around your existing teeth to give you a complete and functioning smile. Partial dentures depend on healthy teeth for support as well as clips and natural gravity.

When your dentist first places your removable partial denture, it may seem unusual at first. You have this full smile and a prosthetic in your mouth. Do not worry! Any prosthetic takes a little getting used to, and there is a period of adjustment.

However, you’ll soon be smiling with confidence and enjoying a more diverse diet thanks to your partial denture.

Taking Care of Your Partial Denture

It’s essential to take care of your remaining teeth because your denture needs them for support. And you need them for your oral health!

Come to our dental office every six months for teeth cleanings and comprehensive exams. And always brush and floss your teeth twice daily or following every meal. It’s also essential to keep your denture clean and free from bacteria. Your dentist will provide instructions.

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