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How We Can Help Prevent Your Dental Anxiety

January 6, 2021
Posted By: Scott M. Hannaman, DDS & Edward J. Hebert, DDS Staff
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If you’ve experienced anxiety about visiting your dentist’s office, you are not alone. Many of us get nervous at the thought of sitting in a dental chair. In fact, millions of Americans have some form of dental anxiety. However, there are ways to help prevent dental anxiety, and we are here to help you have a comfortable, stress-free dental experience. 

To help you overcome your anxiety when visiting our office, we provide a welcoming, friendly environment where we hope you will feel safe and secure. We offer sedation dentistry options. 

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry helps you relax during your dental appointments using sedation methods. We offer two sedation options in our dental office. You can choose to be sedated using either nitrous oxide or oral sedation. 

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

You may have heard nitrous oxide called “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide is inhaled. If you choose this option, your dentist will put a mask over your nose while you are in the dental chair, and you will inhale nitrous oxide through the mask. Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective way to reduce anxiety during dental procedures in Lake Charles. With this conscious sedation method, you will be awake for the procedure. Nitrous oxide both acts quickly and wears off quickly, meaning you can drive yourself to and from your dental appointment.

Oral Sedation 

Dentists widely use oral sedation to help people feel less anxiety during dental appointments. With oral sedation, you will take a prescribed pill before your procedure. It is a stronger sedation than nitrous oxide sedation, but it is still a conscious sedation. You may fall asleep in the dental chair, but you should be able to communicate with the dentist and dental staff throughout the appointment. You will likely be gently woken if you fall asleep. 

Your dentist will discuss your medical history with you before prescribing your sedation medication and providing direction. That way, you will get the right medication and sedation experience for you.

Oral sedation may also be used for people who have procedures performed that will take a long time, or for people who would like to have multiple procedures performed in one appointment. With oral sedation, you will need to be driven to and from your appointment. You will not be able to drive while sedated.

Oral sedation is a great option for many patients with dental anxiety because you usually have little to no memory of the procedure afterward, even though you were awake for the appointment.

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