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Are root canals a dental emergency?

If your Lake Charles dentist recommends root canal treatment, you may likely be experiencing some discomfort resulting from an abscessed or infected tooth. Root canals in Lake Charles, LA, are often an emergency treatment our dentists will use to eliminate a tooth infection and preserve your tooth's natural structure, which prevents you from losing your tooth. Our goal is always to protect your natural teeth for as long as possible.

Do you have a tooth that's feeling sensitive to hot or cold foods or beverages? Do you have a constant toothache that keeps you from sleeping or doing your everyday activities? Have you noticed tenderness or pain when you're eating or chewing? These are all indicators that you may have a tooth infection. 

An infected tooth won't resolve on its own, so you must contact your emergency dentist in Lake Charles for prompt attention. Root canal treatment immediately eliminates your pain and discomfort when your dentist numbs your tooth with anesthetics. Next, they'll remove the diseased tissues, so your tooth is infection-free and sealed with a temporary filling.

After your healing time is completed, you'll return to our dental office to have your tooth strengthened with a permanent crown to ensure that you can eat and chew with confidence and ease. Contact us at (337) 474-4892 if you have questions about root canal treatment or if you're experiencing dental pain.

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