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Do you bleach teeth?

Yes, Dr. Hannaman and Dr. Hebert do offer professional teeth whitening, also known as dental bleaching. If you have yellow teeth in Lake Charles, LA and want to brighten your smile for an upcoming special event, our professional teeth bleaching is the solution you need. 

Professional Teeth Whitening in Lake Charles, LA

Our teeth whitening process involves first taking an impression of your smile and then fabricating customized bleaching tray that fits over your teeth. You will take this teeth whitening tray home, fill it with a specially formulated teeth bleaching gel, and then wear the tray at night while you sleep. 

We prefer to use the at-home teeth whitening method. Other in-office teeth whitening treatments that involve a light tend to cause unnecessary discomfort and short-term teeth bleaching effects for patients. Additionally, our at-home teeth whitening trays allow you to bleach your teeth at your own pace and when it is convenient for you rather than having to travel to our dental office for your treatment. 

Contact Our Lake Charles, LA Dental Office

If you are interested in professional teeth whitening in Lake Charles, LA, we encourage you to consider our affordable and convenient take-home teeth bleaching system. Contact our dental office (337) 474-4892 when you are ready to discover your new, bright smile! 

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