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How many dental visits for a root canal?

Two visits. Typically, you come in for root canal treatment but return a few weeks later for a dental filling or tooth crown. The second visit is considered the final step.

Root canals in Lake Charles, LA, relieve tooth pain and swelling, prevent infection spread, and save your tooth from loss or extraction.

Root Canal Steps and Schedule

Typically, if you have a tooth canal infection, you’ll notice pain and swelling—sometimes severe enough to come in for an emergency dental appointment.

If your dentist finds a tooth canal infection, we numb the site, extract the infection from inside your tooth, and fill it with a temporary filling. After a week or two, you come in for a dental filling or crown when the tooth fully heals. We use a crown if the tooth is at risk for fracture.

If you have gum swelling and a toothache, it’s essential to contact our dental team for guidance.

Your Dentist in Lake Charles, LA, Provides Gentle Root Canal Treatment

You can lower your tooth infection and cavity risks through regular checkups, teeth cleanings, and at-home brushing and flossing.

If you have a toothache, tooth sensitivity, or swelling, we encourage you to contact our dental team to arrange an emergency dental visit as soon as possible.

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