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Will the dentist sedate me?

It depends on the type of treatment you receive.

For some dental procedures, sedation is necessary. For many others, however, we can complete your treatment without sedation. Usually, the more involved your dental procedure is, the more likely you will need sedation. Quick, simple treatments like professional teeth whitening and dental bonding do not require sedation, whereas procedures such as root canals or placing dental implants will. 

Sedation Dentistry At Our 70605 Dentist Office

Dr. Hannaman and Dr. Hebert provide nitrous and pharmacological anxiolysis if needed. We do not offer intravenous (IV) sedation.

When you visit our Lake Charles dentists, they work hard to keep you comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. We created our dental practice with the comfort of our patients in mind and will always do anything we can to make your dental visit more comfortable. Our goal is to eliminate dental sedation whenever possible. However, if you have a very low pain tolerance or are anxious about your dental treatment, you can always request sedation to help you relax.

Call Scott M. Hannaman, DDS To Learn More

We understand if you still have questions or concerns about your dental treatment. Our dental staff can provide answers to your questions about sedation dentistry in Lake Charles whenever you contact our dental office. Give us a call at (337) 474-4892 during our regular business hours Monday through Friday.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping put your mind at ease! 

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