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How does nitrous oxide work in dentistry?

Dental anxiety is a widespread problem that prevents millions of people from seeking the dental treatments they need to maintain a healthy, problem-free smile. The result is poorer oral health and a succession of issues like cavities, gum disease, and worn or broken teeth.

Sedation Dentistry in Lake Charles, LA

For many of our patients, nitrous oxide at our Lake Charles, LA dental office is the solution they need to move past their anxiety and finally get the care they need. Nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" is a calming gas that we mix with oxygen and have you inhale through a comfortable nasal mask. As you breathe it in, you will start to feel very relaxed, calm, and happy, but you will remain fully conscious throughout your procedure.

Our dentists and clinical team members are trained and licensed to administer nitrous oxide safely, and someone will monitor you throughout your appointment. If you require a little more relaxation, just let us know, and we can increase the nitrous mix to ensure your complete comfort.

When our dentist in 70605 completes your procedure, we will stop the flow of nitrous and have you inhale pure oxygen for several moments. The advantage of using nitrous oxide is that it does not produce any drowsy after-effects, so you can safely drive yourself home from your appointment and go on with your day feeling alert and refreshed.

We're also pleased to offer oral conscious sedation dentistry for our Lake Charles, LA patients who require a little more profound relaxation so they can get the care they need.


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