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Patient smiling with dental implants at Lake Charles LA dentist office

What You Need to Know about Dental Implant Surgery

August 25, 2020
Posted By: Scott M. Hannaman, DDS
Patient smiling with dental implants in Lake Charles, LA

Dental implant surgery is a tooth-replacement procedure that restores an entire missing tooth down to its roots with a thin, biocompatible titanium screw. This dental prosthetic is handcrafted and custom-fabricated to look, feel, and function just like an existing tooth. Other tooth replacement options rest on the gum line and don't stimulate bone growth. 

Many factors are involved in determining the length of the treatment plan, including the placement of the dental implant. Since the implant fuses with the jawbone, the healing process can take months. 

Why Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Lake Charles, LA are a very popular choice for multiple reasons. Dentures can slip or shift, especially as bone recedes. Dental implants can't get cavities or decay like natural teeth, and they are strong enough to support bridgework. 

Patients might benefit from dental implants near 70605 if they:

  • Have one or multiple missing teeth
  • Have sufficient bone to place the implants or have a bone graft
  • Have no underlying oral health issues
  • Don't have underlying health issues that could delay healing
  • Cannot wear dentures
  • Have issues eating or speaking
  • Can commit to months of healing
  • Don't smoke

The Dental Implant Process in Lake Charles, LA

Before any dental procedure, your dentist will always perform a comprehensive dental cleaning and exam to ensure there are no oral health issues that need to be treated. We will take x-rays and 3D images of your mouth in order to make an accurate impression of your teeth and gums. 

We will go through your medical history and any medications you might take, including prescription pills and supplements.

To keep our patients happy and comfortable, we practice sedation dentistry in Lake Charles, LA. We provide local anesthesia and sedation; patients will need a driver to take them home after the dental procedure. 

The procedure is performed in stages, allowing patients to heal completely.

Restore Your Smile at Our 70605 Dentist Office

Dental implants are a highly-rated tooth replacement option that restores your tooth. If you are interested in improving your quality of life, give Scott M. Hannaman, DDS a call today.

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