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What are the benefits of family dentistry?

Family of dental patient smiling outside near Lake Charles LAWith family dentistry, you can receive dental care for your entire family in one location. Family dentists are skilled and experienced in working with people of all ages, so a family dentist can serve the dental needs of both yourself and your loved ones.

One important benefit of family dentistry is the ability to coordinate your family’s dental appointments. Rather than having multiple appointments at offices in different parts of town, you can schedule all your appointments with us. You may even be able to schedule appointments for more than one family member in a day, meaning fewer trips back and forth to the dentist.

Another benefit is the ability to develop long-term relationships with your dentist and the dental staff at the office. When your entire family visits the same dental office, you spend more time in that office and get to know your dentist and the staff better over time. With a pediatric dentist, your child will eventually have to move on to a different dentist, but we can continue caring for a patient as long as needed!

Additionally, going to your dental appointments as a family is a great way to ease dental fears or anxieties in children and set a good example for maintaining oral health. 

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If you are looking for family or children’s dentistry in Lake Charles, LA, reach out to Scott M. Hannaman, DDS & Edward J. Hebert, DDS at (337) 474-4892 to schedule your family's next dental exams.

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