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How does KöR teeth whitening work?

When it comes to getting a brighter smile, KöR teeth whitening is a convenient choice. 

The KöR Home Whitening System can help you bleach your teeth in your own home, on your own schedule. There’s no need to make multiple trips to the dental office to get the results you want! 

How Does the KöR Home Whitening System Work?

Close up of patients smile after KoR Teeth Whitening in Lake CharlesWith KöR teeth whitening, you can choose between two options: KöR-Night™ or KöR-Day™.

KöR-Night™ bleaches your teeth using a whitening tray you wear overnight. If you cannot (or prefer not to) wear a whitening tray overnight, you can choose the KöR-Day™ option instead. Either way, you will wear a whitening tray in your mouth to bleach your teeth for a set amount of time each day.

If you are interested in KöR Home Whitening, the first step will be to have a whitening tray made specifically for your smile. A team member in our office will create a mold of your teeth and send it to a lab where your custom KöR-Seal Whitening Trays will be created. 

Once you receive your custom trays, you will fill them with whitening gel and place them in your mouth for the amount of time per day determined for your teeth whitening situation. 

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If you believe KöR Home Whitening is the right teeth whitening option for you, reach out to Scott M. Hannaman, DDS & Edward J. Hebert, DDS today at (337) 474-4892 to schedule teeth whitening treatment.

As a cosmetic dentist in Lakes Charles, LA, we can help you achieve a beautiful, bright smile! 

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